Politique de confidentialité

Use of Cookie Files

1. The administrator uses cookie files through the website.
2. Information collected from cookie files is used for proper optimization of the website as well as statistical and advertising purposes.
3. Cookie files register user activity on the website by recognizing the device, therefore the website is displayed in a manner optimized for the individual preferences of the user.
4. Solutions applied on the website are safe for the user’s devices which make use of the administrator’s website. Dangerous or malicious software cannot enter the user’s device.
5. The administrator uses two types of Cookies:
1. Session Cookies: these are files which are stored on the user’s device and remain there until the given browser session is finished. The registered information is then permanently removed from the memory of the device. The Sessions Cookies mechanism does not allow any personal or confidential information to be downloaded from the user’s device.
2. Permanent Cookies: are stored on the user’s device and remain there until they are deleted. Finishing a given browser session or turning of the device does not cancel them from memory. The Permanent Cookies mechanism does not allow any personal or confidential information to be downloaded from the user’s device.

Methods determining the storage and access conditions to Cookies

1. The user can limit or turn off access to Cookies from their device. If such an option is used, use of the Service will be possible, apart from the functions which are normally needed by Cookie files.
2. The user may change Cookie file settings at any time, defining their storage and access conditions to the user’s device. A change in settings, mentioned above may be conducted by the user through the website settings or by configuring the service. These settings can be changed particularly in a way which blocks automatic operation of Cookies in browser settings or send information each time Cookies are placed on the device. Detailed information about the abilities and methods of operating Cookie files are available in the software settings (website browser).
3. The user may remove Cookies at any time by using functions available in the browser he uses.
4. Restricting the use of Cookies can influence certain functions available on the administrator’s website.


§1. General provisions.

1. The Service provider respects the Consumers’ right for privacy by caring for the safety of all information provided through the Service.
2. This document defines the manner of accumulating and processing any information including personal data, obtained from people visiting and using the Service.

§2. Information collected by the Service provider.

1. The Service provider collects, processes and uses personal information freely provided by Consumers, only if such permission is given by the Consumer.
2. Any information provided by Consumers is processed mainly for the purpose of properly implementing services available within the scope of the Service.
3. The Service provider collects and processes:
1. Data necessary to register the Consumer and create an Account – email address, password, name and surname, country of origin as well as company name, Tax identification Number and phone number,
4. The Service provider guarantees all Consumers the right to access their own personal information, the right to demand an update or remove their information as well as the right to object.

§3. Method of using personal information.

1. The Service provider may use the information provided by Consumers exclusively in the manner defined in this document. Each use of information in a manner different to that defined in this document, requires prior consent of the Consumer and information provided to him/her about the manner and purpose for which this information will be used.
2. The Consumer’s personal information is primarily used for the purpose of properly conducting the Service and providing electronic services, in particular:
1. To operate the registration process,
2. Create an Account,
3. Log into an Account,
4. Provide services and ensure smooth functioning of the Service,
5. Enable contact between Consumers and service administrators.

  • Personal information provided by Consumers may be used for the purpose of sending them trade information directly from the Service provider and for the purpose of sending newsletters containing information connected with the Service, including innovations on the site and other information connected with website themes. Such action by the Service provider is authorised by Consumers during the registration process.
  • The Consumer’s personal information is stored throughout the period of using the Service i.e. owning an Account in the Service. If the Account is removed, all Consumer information is also cancelled.
  • The Service provider uses Cookies technology in order to adapt the Service to the needs of the Consumer. The Consumer may not agree for information entered by him to be saved, so that it may be used in future visits to the Site without having to re-enter them. Owners of other sites will not have access to information defined in this item. If the Consumer does not agree to personalization of the Service, he may switch of Cookies in the website browser options.
  • The Service provider uses information accumulated in system logs resulting from general terms of connection and conducted in the Internet network for e.g. the Consumer’s IP address. All information collected in system logs including exploitation data, defining the Consumer’s activity on the site is used by the Service in compliance with binding law regulations, particularly for technical or statistical purposes.

§4. Safeguards

1. The Service provider takes due care to assure the best protection of Consumer personal information, particularly from loss, unauthorized use, access by unauthorized parties and disclosure of information.
2. The Consumer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his personal access information to the Account – email address and password.
3. Any suspicions related to the risk of disclosing information or access by unauthorized persons, should be immediately reported to the Service provider at the address: 
4. Despite the use of advanced technical means, the Service provider cannot fully guarantee the confidentiality of data stored and transmitted on the Internet.

§5. Final provisions.

1. If the Consumer does not accept the provisions contained therein, he should not use the Service and remove their Account.
2. The Consumer by filling in the registration form and creating an Account gives permission to the Service provider to process his personal information,
3. The Service provider reserves the right to make changes in this document. If the aforementioned changes are made, the Consumer will be informed of such a fact each time and will have the option of either accepting or declining acceptance of these amendments.
4. This document comes into force as of