Tytan Subfloor Pro

We are proud to introduce the new Tytan Subfloor High Yield Adhesive to our lineup of products.

TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive is an innovative high-yield Subfloor adhesive that replaces up to 12 traditional 10oz cartridges. Tytan reduces labor time and product cost in half and while offering similar application specifications. It fills small gaps and cracks better than traditional adhesives since it collapses into a gel adhesive and then expands after the substrate is applied to help provide a tight seal, level floor, and protect against squeaks.

It may even be used on frozen lumber when the air temperature is within the recommended range. It cures at a similar rate compared to traditional adhesives and should be used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners. Applications include: joists, subflooring, trusses, and decks. It provides a strong bond to lumber, plywood, concrete, metals, masonry and others substrates. With TYTAN Subfloor High Yield Adhesive you can build with Confidence!