TYTAN PRO Window & Door 24oz

TYTAN PRO Window & Door is AAMA approved and uses an innovative no-bow technology to create a water and airtight seal. It saves you money by providing superior yield so you can install more windows & doors. It offers superior R-value which reduces energy consumption and contributes to LEED’s energy saving standards. It has premium adhesion abilities to most construction materials including: wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics so your windows & doors will stay sealed during construction and climate changes. With TYTAN PRO Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant you can Build with Confidence!

Technical specs
  • Color: pale yellow
  • Odor: odorless when cured
  • Tack-free time: ≤10 min.
  • Cutting time 1'' ≤30 min., max 24 hrs.
  • Cure in 6 h, fully cured after 24 hrs
  • Low Pressure, Low Expansion Formula Expands to Fill Gaps Without Warping, Bending, or Bowing
  • Window and Door Frames during Installation
  • Flexible after cure – Absorbs Fenestration linear Expansion
  • High Yield product
  • AAMA Verified Component for use in Window and Door installation
  • Provides Excellent Dimensional Stability – Exceeds AAMA 812 Requirements
  • Bond and Seals to Common Construction Materials, Wood, Concrete, Plaster, etc.
  • Controllable, Quick, and Efficient Application
  • Repels and Deflects Moisture
  • Durable Airtight Seal – Bonds, Stops Air Infiltration, and Heat Loss
  • High Thermal Insulation Value - Increases Energy Efficiency (R value 4-5 per inch)
  • Easier to Transport and Use than Fiberglass
  • Shelf life 18 months
  • For interior and exterior window & door installations
  • For filling and sealing all interior and exterior building gaps, cracks and openings